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The Creoate Trending Ten: Autumn 2021

Creoate trending ten autumn

Here’s an at-a-glance look at our most popular site searches from the last month. You’ll notice a distinctly hygge and unmistakably festive vibe… 1. ‘Christmas’  It’s no surprise to us that Christmas is currently the most popular search term on the site. Not only is the big event less three months away, but the UK […]


12 Eco-friendly Wholesale Brands

Eco-friendly wholesale brands

So 93% of you told us sustainability is either ‘a focus’ or ‘a big focus’ for your business over the next year. That’s huge! And the number one way you said you’re trying to become more sustainable is by choosing more eco-friendly products. So we thought we’d help you out with that.  If you’re looking […]


12 Best Quirky Wholesale Homeware Brands


Tired of stocking the same products as the store down the street? We totally get it: when everyone follows homeware trends, it can make for a very same-y shopping experience, and also make it hard to stand out from the crowd.  (Image source: Boca do Lobo) So if you’re looking for wholesale quirky homeware, you’re […]


11 Best Scandi Wholesale Homeware Brands

scandi homeware wholesale

Homeware trends come and go (just take a look at any picture of a living room in the 80s). But the ‘Scandi’ homeware trend does appear to be here to stay.  So if you’re looking for wholesale scandi homeware in the UK, wider Europe, the US or Canada, you’re in the right place; Creoate stocks […]