Beat the Receipt: Everything You Need to Know

Beat the receipt paperless pledge

Did you know, the UK prints around 11.2 million receipts each year? And these receipts generally aren’t recyclable? In fact, not only are they not recyclable, they actually contain the same chemicals (BPA and BPS) as many single-use plastics, like plastic straws.

Beat the Receipt wants to put a stop to unnecessary paper receipts.

That doesn’t mean scrapping them altogether, but rather checking first to see whether they’re actually needed, and having other alternatives ready. The campaign is encouraging retailers to sign the Paperless Pledge, which means committing to making paper receipts request-only in their stores by 2023. Dunelm and River Island are among the larger retailers who have already taken the pledge.

The US version of the campaign, cleverly-named ‘Skip the Slip’, has already changed legislation in California. Now, stores within the state have to offer receipts digitally by default. 

What are the alternatives to paper receipts? 

Receipts do serve a purpose. And even though 47% of people think they’re a waste of paper, it’s not practical to do away with them altogether. 

Flux was born on the back of the Beat the Receipt campaign, and focuses purely on replacing your physical receipts with digital ones (sent via email), and with helping you pull out useful data from your transactions. 

Failing that, try simply asking customers if they actually need a receipt. You may be surprised by how many are happy to give it a miss, especially for smaller purchases. 

What’s your experience? 

Do you think your customers would be open to receiving digital receipts? Have you already tried to cut down on paper ones? Let us know in the comments!

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